Our Iberico Ham: Spanish "Jamon Pata Negra" at IberGour

IberGour sells premium "bellota quality" Pata Negra Iberico hind leg and shoulder cut hams. We have jamon serrano from the finest brands in Spain, and also from small producers that prepare their products artisanally and are all registered at any of the 4 spanish Designation of Origin for Iberico ham.

Pata negra
Jamon D.O. Dehesa de Extremadura Ham
100% Iberico de Bellota

Jamon D.O. Dehesa de Extremadura Ham

Stock: 11 jamones.
€471.836.75 to 7.25 kg jamones
Ibérico Pata Negra Hams
Bone-in, Boneless & Sliced
Pata negra
"Paleta" 5J Cinco Jotas (Shoulder Jamon)
100% Iberico de Bellota

"Paleta" 5J Cinco Jotas (Shoulder Jamon)

Stock: 12 paletillas.
€277.816.25 to 7 kg paletillas
Ibérico Pata Negra Shoulders
Bone-in, Boneless & Sliced
Ham Stand Buarfe (Folding)
Ham stand

Ham Stand Buarfe (Folding)

Stock: 26 ham holders.
Ham Holders
Ham-carving tables

Our selection criteria

Close shot of the slicing of an Iberico bellota ham
  • "Pata Negra" Ibérico breed pigs
  • Bellota-grade: Free-range pigs consume a diet of only acorns and grasses once they begin the montanera, or finishing period.
  • Cebo de Campo-grade: The animal has a varied diet, including feeds authorized by the Producers' Association and herbage from the dehesa pastureland.
  • Cebo-grade: Raised on farms on a diet based on compound feed and legumes.
  • Hams undergo a curing period of 24 to 48 months for hind leg cuts, and between 12 and 30 months for shoulder cuts.
  • Our hams are all produced by top-tier brands, or by
  • Small producers that are registered with any of the 4 Iberico ham Denominations of Origin existing in Spain, a guarantee of quality and strict compliance with health requirements.

Our products

Hind leg cuts (jamon) weigh between 6 and 10 Kg. Shoulder cuts (paletilla) weigh from 4 to 6 Kg.

Shoulder cuts are smaller than hind leg hams. They contain less meat, but are juicier and more marbled with fat.

We also have a wide selection of accessories to help with cutting: ham holders, knives, sharpeners and clamps. A good ham holder makes it easier to cut hams, and a well-sharpened knife allows you to cut thin slices while reducing the risk of cutting yourself. That may sound like a contradiction, but as less force needs to be applied, the knife will only move a very short distance if it slips out of your hands.

"Bellota quality" Iberico ham

The finest quality ham comes from Iberian breed pigs, especially those that are born and live in the exceptional habitat constituted by the dehesa of Extremadura, with large tracts of land for grazing, and a singular diet during the finishing period, or montanera, of acorns and grasses.

In this environment, the muscle tissue of the Iberian pig becomes marbled with fat, giving the meat the superlative quality that is seen in Iberico hams and traditional pork products.

The shape of these hams is elongated, and the leg above the hoof is long and slender. Colour ranges from rosy to purplish red. The hams have aromas that are intense, pleasing and highly nuanced; their flavor is very delicate, with the faintest hint of saltiness. The flesh is smooth, and the fat is lustrous and soft to the touch.

How to recognize an Iberico ham

Hind leg ham (jamón)

The shape is elongated; the leg above the hoof is long and slender.

Close shot of the labelling, close to the hoof

Label (coloured band)
All of the "bellota quality" Iberico hams have a red (cross breeds) or black (purebred) band around the leg, just above the hoof. This band is green for "cebo de campo quality" hams, and white for "cebo quality".

Iberico ham slices

The colour of the flesh is very characteristic, ranging from rosy to purplish red.

The aroma is intense, pleasing and highly nuanced.

Very delicate, with the faintest hint of saltiness. Exquisite.

Smooth. The fat is lustrous, and soft to the touch.