Reviews by Steve

Milton Keynes, UK

Another fantastic Jamon for Christmas

I've lost track of the number of Jamon/Paleta I've bought from Ibergour now - I've tried buying from a shop in Madrid when I was travelling and also from another company that ships to the UK, but none of them meet the quality and reliable service I get from Ibergour. 5J is my go-to Jamon/Paleta and it always delivers a tasty balanced flavour of Jamon that you can't get from anything other than an Iberico Belotta. While you can find cheaper other Jamons, The balace of quality/price means I'm happy it's very good value and will probably buy again.
I also like to have the whole Jamon as I find some pleasure in perfecting my carving, enjoy the little bit of time needed to prepare the special ham - and the kids like to hang around for any imperfect slices for them to snaffle before my plate is ready to server.
My only challenge is that the €10 voucher I opt for when purchasing (I already had a ham stand and knife from many years ago) usually expires before I buy again the following year, so while I've been a regular customer for many years, I don't seem to get any benefit from it. At least when I could choose the Olive Oil I could get something extra, but the €10 is pretty pointless if you're a Christmas ham afficionado. If there were some other things that could be an option for repeat customers it would be nice - different piece of meat / tongs / cheese / knife sharpenere.. just something other than another jamon stand and knife or a worthless voucher...

December 15, 2022
Very tasty

Very nice and tasty olive oil. Perfect just to dip some bread and nothing else. Too good to mix it with other things, except maybe a little tomato and mozarella.

December 7, 2020
Another great Paleta Ham from Ibergour

This is maybe my 4th purchase from Ibergour and having tried one other, can confirm that the service, communication and delivery has been faultless and the best. Unfortunately, I tend not to order my hams often enough to benefit from the voucher, so I would love to have a little more flexibility on the 'gift'.. I need pincers.. (The olive oil is very good however)
As for the Paleta, it's very tasty and with good texture and is very good value. My kids hang around the table when I'm carving like little puppies waiting for snacks, but once I've managed to carve a plate load, everyone in the family is very happy to enjoy the delicious ham. I'm not Spanish, but it's very clear from my very travelled experience, the difference between 'regular' ham and Jamon Iberico de Bellota. It's always worth the expense, but it's still something we save for a special treat, perhaps some special event, or Christmas. This time we opened the ham on December 1st and will hope to gradually consume over Christmas through to February. It's so nice to be able to just keep it on the counter and just regularly carve when my wife and I would like something to accompany a nice glass of Rioja!
For sure, will buy again.

December 7, 2020
Very Tasty

This is my first purchase from ibergour and I'm very pleased with the 5J shoulder. I picked a shoulder because we are a family of 4, with 2 small kids. So far the meat is moist and tasty and we've just about finished the maza I think (the smaller part). The problem is, we're eating it a little more quickly than anticipated as it might be gone before Christmas.
It's great for a little snack at the end of the evening with a nice glass of wine..
I think the meat/fat ratio is just fine - the fat itself is good quality and can be eaten with the ham, so long as the yellowy parts next to the rind have been removed.
Quite likely to buy again, perhaps a Jamon (rather than a shoulder) depending on how long the bigger side of the meat takes to finish off.

November 16, 2015
Great knife

This knife is very good for carving ham. It has quite an improvement over my regular less flexible knife and makes good fine cuts on my jamon.

November 16, 2015