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cada jamon es diferenteEach ham is different

Este jamon habia pasado ya de la curacion un poquito. La carne estaba un pelin demasiado fuerte y seco. Pero con un fino corte con mucha grasa el resultado era bueno! La bellota sabía bien! Yo le daria a este jamon un medio año menos de curación, o menos sal en la produccion. como ya decía, cada jamon es diferente!

This ham had already spent a little healing. The meat was too strong a tad dry. But with a very fine cut fat the result was good! Acorn knew! I would give this ham least half a year of healing, or less salt production. as I said, each ham is different!

July 16, 2014
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Not the best one but okay!

I recommend this one for the people who are new with jamon-culture. Its good to start with a basic iberico like this. For my taste this one lacked a bit the caracteristic iberian taste. Well, I still have another one waiting. As we all know, these little beauties sometimes tend to variate a bit between each other, so maybe I will be totally amazed by the second one... =)

May 26, 2013
Good pata negra!

From the ibericos de cebo that I have tried, this one certainly deserves a top 3 placing.

May 26, 2013
Sánches Romero Carvajal sin duda mantiene la buena reputación!Romero Carvajal Sanches surely maintains the good reputation!

El sabor de la paletilla estaba bien. En el centro de la parte mayor de la paletilla (donde no hay tanta grasa encima la carne) la carne se había empezado a secar un poquito pero eso es normal en paletillas con más de dos años de curación. Las partes con más tocino estaban en condiciones perfectas y se podía degustar el sabor suave de bellota. Recomiendo el producto.

The flavor of the shoulder was fine. In the center of the major part of the shoulder (where there is less fat over the meat) meat had begun to dry up a bit but that is normal in shoulders with more than two years of healing. The parties with more bacon were in perfect condition and you could taste the mild flavor of acorn. I recommend the product.

October 29, 2012
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