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Ham Stand Jamotec J4P (Folding, Rotary)

Dr. Stephan Kufferath
Dr. Stephan Kufferath
Düre, Deutschland
Fantastischer ServiceFantastic service

Durch einen technischen Fehler auf der Website oder meine eigene Dummheit erhielt ich ein anderes Produkt bestätigt, als ich es bestellen wollte.
Habe sofort darauf per mail reagiert und unmittelbar eine Änderungsbestätigung bekommen. Zwei Tage später was das richtige Produkt da, alles begleitet von Freundlichkeit und Lieferinfos.
Besser geht Online Shopping nicht!
Und der Schinkenhalter selbst: große Klasse, ist seinen Preis wert.
Fester Halt des Schinkens ist gesichert, ideal auch die Drehbarkeit um die Achse.

Due to a technical error on the website or my own stupidity I received another product confirmed when I wanted to order it. I immediately responded by email and immediately received a confirmation of change. Two days later what was the right product, everything accompanied by friendliness and delivery information. Online Shopping does not get any better! And the ham holder itself: great class, is worth its price. Firm hold of the ham is ensured, as well as the rotation around the axis.

January 15, 2018
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José carlos
Salta argentina
Muy buenoVery good

Muy buen Jamonero, excelente calidad de terminación , y muy bueno el sistema de entrega a domicilio, no tuve ningún inconveniente

Very good ham, excellent finishing quality, and very good delivery system, I had no problem

June 11, 2016
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Pro très proPro very pro

Voilà un site très professionnel sur qui l'on peut compter, et qui satisfait toutes les demande
s. Bien reçu et rapidement... La sélection des produits est top. .

This is a very professional site which can be counted, and that meets all application s. Well received and quickly ... Product selection is top notch. .

July 18, 2014
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schnelle Lieferung und gute Qualitätfast delivery and good quality

Ein hochwertiges Produkt von guter Qualität. Die Abwicklung war schnell und reibungslos. So macht Genuss Spaß. Der Preis war absolut unschlagbar.

A quality product of good quality. The transaction was fast and smooth. So does pleasure fun. The price was absolutely unbeatable.

June 16, 2014
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Vitry sur Seine

Les Matériaux utilisés sont de qualité irréprochable, la finition idem.
Côté utilisation, le maintien du jambon est très très bon,
le fait de pouvoir le pivoter est très pratique.
Ce produit est certe cher mais indispensable pour un amateur de jambon...

Materials used are of high quality, finish ditto. Use side, keeping the ham is very very good, being able to rotate it is very convenient. This product is certe expensive but essential for amateur ham ...

February 25, 2013
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La mejor calidadThe best quality

He comprado este jamonero para mis negocios de hostelería, y es la mejor calidad, sin duda que he podido comprobar.
Lo he visto en más de una ocasión en el extranjero. La calidad se nota, si bien el precio es lo de menos, cuando tres años después, sigue como el primer día.
Incluso con los jamones italianos y portugueses, que tienen el muñón más ancho, hay un casquillo especial.
Enhorabuena al fabricante Jamotec, que es español

I bought this for my ham hospitality businesses, and is the best quality, no doubt that I have seen. I've seen more than once abroad. Quality stands, although the price is not important, when three years later as the day continues. Even with hams Italy and Portugal, which have the widest stump, there is a special cap. Congratulations to Jamotec manufacturer, which is Spanish

August 27, 2012
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Para mi el jamonero perfecto.For me the perfect ham.

El mejor jamonero sin lugar a dudas, es mi opinion despues de cortar cientos de jamones.
Para que no se mueva el jamon hay que saber como cortar y aplicar un pequeño truco.
Es indispensable no cortar el musculo que rodea el jarrete hasta el final, dejar el jamon la grasa y la piel que rodea la tibia y el peroné hasta que hayamos acabado el corte del resto del jamón.
Asi funciona perfecto y el pincho es innecesario.
Nota: Yo uso el domestico y va perfecto pero hace ya tiempo me compré el herraje del elite con la iluson de hacerme mi propia mesa, mañana me pongo a ello y ya tengo ganas de estrenarla tiene que ser la leche.

The best ham without doubt, is my opinion after cutting hundreds of hams. In order not to move the ham should know how to cut and apply a little trick. It is essential not to cut the muscle that surrounds the shank to the end, leave the ham fat and skin around the tibia and fibula until we have finished cutting the rest of the ham. So it works perfect and the spike is unnecessary. Note: I use the household and is perfect, but long ago I bought the hardware of the elite with iluson to make my own table, I get to it tomorrow and I have wanted to release it must be the milk.

March 16, 2011
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Antonio G.
Antonio G.
Tres Cantos, España
Extraordinaria operatividad y seguridadExtraordinary security operation and

Soporte de extraordinaria operatividad y seguridad, permite cortar el jamón en todas sus partes de forma rápida y sencilla.

Outstanding operational support and security, to cut the ham in all its parts quickly and easily.

March 17, 2010
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Greg H.
Greg H.
Portland, USA
Clean woodworking and precise machining of the stainless steel components

The Jamotec Giratorio Plegable is a superb piece of equipment both in appearance and performance. The craftsmanship is impressive - clean woodworking and precise machining of the stainless steel components. The swivel and gimble assembly allows perfect and stable positioning of the jamon. I'd reccomend this stand to anyone who is serious about their dry cured ham.

December 1, 2007