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Ham Stand and Jamon Carving Knife


Support à jambon en bon état, et facile à monter (cependant l'écrou qui permet de visser sous le support à l'avant est difficile à serrer, prendre donc bien soin de vérifier le serrage).
Le support est stable et facile à utiliser, il y a des petits coussinets carrés livrés avec que l'on peut coller aux quatre coins sous le support pour ne pas abîmer votre plan de travail.

Ham holder in good condition, and easy to assemble (however the nut which allows you to screw under the support at the front is difficult to tighten, so take care to check the tightness). The support is stable and easy to use, there are small square pads delivered with which you can stick to the four corners under the support so as not to damage your worktop.

May 28, 2020
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Muy practicoVery practical

Aver el jamonero esta bien cumple su funcion , que pa ser regalado esta genial y del cuchillo me a sorprendido la calidad de la hoja , es perfecto para empezar!!

Aver the ham holder is well fulfilling its function, which to be given away is great and the quality of the blade surprised me, it is perfect to start !!

April 13, 2020
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Supporto e coltelloSupport and knife

In formula omaggio con prosciutto ho ricevuto un coltello e un supporto per il taglio. Strumenti efficaci e di buona qualità. Grazie a Ibergour.

In the free formula with ham, I received a knife and a cutting support. Effective and good quality tools. Thanks to Ibergour.

December 25, 2019
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Support à jambon simple et fonctionnel seul le filetage de la vis de maintien
supérieur aurait mérité plus d'épaisseur.
Couteau correct pour du matériel offert.

Single and functional ham holder only the thread of the upper retaining screw would have deserved more thickness. Knife correct for the offered material.

August 30, 2018
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Très bon support qui maintient parfaitement le jambon et facilite la coupe. Je ne connais pas le prix car je l'ai eu en cadeau avec le jambon mais je le recommande.

Very good support which perfectly maintains the ham and facilitate the cutting. I do not know the price since I got it as a gift with the ham but I recommend it.

December 11, 2016
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Conegliano, Italia

Rappresenta una valida soluzione per coloro che non sono esperti nel taglio del prosciutto e che per la prima volta si cimentano in questa "impresa"!
Ricordate solo di affilare spesso il coltello.
La mia base tendeva ad oscillare, ma è bastato mettere del cartoncino sotto un piedino per renderla più stabile.

It provides a solution for those who are not experts in the ham cut and that for the first time compete in this "business"! Just remember to frequently sharpen the knife. My base tended to oscillate, but it was enough to put the card under a foot to make it more stable.

December 3, 2016
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El cortador Finlandese
Helsinki, Finland
Better than expexted

Not a Super holder worth over 100 Euro, but it does its work.
The knife is better than expected if you remember to use a sharpening steen on it now and then.

December 2, 2016
Christer S
Christer S
Helsinki, Finland
Better than expected

I didn't expext a freebie to be very good, but I was wrong. The holder was surprisingly steady an does its job as well as a pricier one.
The knife is good as well as long as you remember to use a sharpening steel regurarly.

October 16, 2016
Cambridge uk

Knife struggles to cut through harder bits of ham. Holder is probably too small for large hams, but is excellent and does not move around.

December 14, 2015
UK / Reino Unido
Buen producto, pero...Good side product, but....

El jamonero y cuchillo están bien, pero se ofrece en cada envío y ya tengo una colección. La alternativa no es comparable, sólo medio litro de aceite. Estaría mejor que ofrecieran acompañar al jamón con otros productos como queso, chorizo, lomo o salchichón.

The ham holder and the knife are good, but they are offered on every purchase and I have now a collection. The alternative is half a litre of olive oil, which are not comparable. It's be good to offer another product to send aside, such as cheese, chorizo, or any other Spanish cured meat.

December 8, 2015
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cheap but good

this is a gift that you get with every jamon or palleta. Basic, light, does the work, but i woul not spend the money on it. Good as gift. The knife is quite good, but sharpen it regularly.

May 24, 2015
D. Wesp
Praktisch - der Halter ist mit dabeiPractical - the holder will be there

Der Halter kommt zerlegt an. Erfreulich, alles, was man zum (einfachen) montieren braucht ist dabei, sogar ein Kreuzschlitzschraubendreher. Funktioniert gut. Ein Vorderschinken wackelt etwas in der unteren Halterung, weil er zu schmal ist. Das Schinkenmesser ist ein Witz und sollte nur im Notfall verwendet werden. Man sicher ein schärferes und besseres Messer in der Küche. Wer ganze Schinken kauft, kommt um den Erwerb eines ordentlichen Schinkenmessers nicht herum.

The holder comes disassembled. Pleasing, everything you need to install (simple) is even a Phillips screwdriver. Works well. A ham shakes a little in the bottom bracket, because it is too narrow. The ham knife is a joke and should be used only in an emergency. It is certainly a sharper and better knife in the kitchen. Who buys whole ham, can not avoid the acquisition of a proper ham knife.

March 3, 2015
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Ottimi prodotti di supportoGreat products support

Devo dire che il supporto del prosciutto ed il colt sono di ottima qualità. All'interno del support del prosciutto ci sono veramente tutte le cose necessarie per montarlo, addirittura il cacciavite. Grandi.

I must say that the support of the ham and the colt are of excellent quality. Inside the support of the ham we are really all the things necessary to mount it, even the screwdriver. Great.

January 19, 2015
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pola de laviana
bastante bienpretty good

dentro de lo esperado, todo correcto.no esperes un soporte o cuchillo de ultima ganeracion, pero cumple bien su funcion.

within expectations, all correcto.no expect a support or knife last ganeracion, but serves its function well.

December 10, 2014
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Stratford on Avon
suprised on the quality

I had a choice of olive oil or the ham holder and knife. I did not expect any thing of the ham holder but thought i could copy the design if nothing else and make a better one. Once received the holder was functional and did the job. The knife looks cheap and is very very sharp and perfect for the job, very pleased i did not have the olive oil.

October 11, 2014
Ravenna, Italia
Buon prodotto!Good product!

Nel complesso un buon prodotto il supporto, soprattutto considerando che è in omaggio.
Si potrebbe migliorare il coltello, abbastanza buono ma non eccezionale.

Overall a good product support, especially considering it's free. You could improve the knife, pretty good but not great.

June 4, 2014
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chelles 77500 France
support excellentexcellent support

le support offert en cadeau est de bonne qualité comme la fois précédente
mais le support ne fait pas la qualité du jambon

The support offered gift is good as before, but the support is not the quality of the ham.

March 24, 2014
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Gerald R.
Schinkenhalter und -messerHam holder and knife

Guter gebrauchsfähiger Zustand. Zum besseren Handling wurde der Halter mit einer Schraubzwinge am Tisch fixiert. Die Beschreibung zum Aufscheiden des Schinkens ist für Erstkonsumenten hilfreich.

Good use-able condition. For better handling, the holder was fixed with a clamp at the table. The description for Aufscheiden the ham is helpful for first-time users.

March 8, 2014
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Paolo Torri
Montefiascone (Vt) Italia
supporto abbastanza comodo, il coltello è migliorabilesupport comfortable enough, the knife can be improved

Il supporto come scritto nel titolo è abbastanza pratico, il coltello non è eccezionale, in verità li avevo già, il problema è che come opzione c'era solo il supporto o l'olio, senza peccare di presunzione nella mia zona si produce un olio di ottima qualità quindi mi sembrava inutile scegliere l'olio. Forse sarebbe utile aggiungere altre opzioni...

Support as written in the title is quite practical, the knife is not great, in fact I had already, the problem is that as there was only the option holder or oil, without being presumptuous in my area produces an oil of good quality then it seemed pointless to choose the oil. Perhaps it would be useful to add other options ...

February 13, 2014
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Il fait son officeHe made his office

Le support est assez rudimentaire mais il fait son office largement.
Le pb du couteau est pour attaquer la peau qui est un peu dure. Il est nécessaire d'en utiliser un autre, sinon on risque de se couper.
Autrement, une fois cette partie enlevée, il est assez agréable à utilise

The support is rather primitive but widely done its job. Bp of the knife to attack the skin is a little hard. It is necessary to use another, otherwise we risk being cut. Otherwise, once removed this part, it is quite pleasant to use.

January 10, 2014
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Figaro Pinto
London, UK
Does the job

I'm sure there are plenty of better holders and knives out there, but this will definitely do the job.
The wood is stable enough and easy to assemble. It is a *bit* on the small side for the longest hams. One criticism is that the vice at the top does not screw into the wood fully at the top. This is negligible though.
Decent flexible knife, needs a good sharpen though.

November 15, 2013
Paolo Torri
Paolo Torri
Montefiascone (Vt)
Considerato che è in omaggio...Considering that it is in tribute ...

Il supporto fà il suo lavoro, certo c'è di meglio però funziona bene. Il coltello non è il massimo però come ho già scritto è un omaggio quindi tutto và bene.

Support makes his job, some could be better but it works well. The knife is not the best but as I wrote a tribute so everything is fine.

February 11, 2013
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ventimiglia (im) italia
supporto e coltellosupport and knife

spett.le avevo letto recensioni sul supporto e sul coltello. la mia e la seguente. per il supporto ho segnato buono, importante e saperlo adattare nell'assemblaggio. prima di fissarlo, provare l'archetto, eventualmente con due pinze pappagallo dare la piega giusta, se non le usate l'arhcetto si piegherà nel mezzo dove c'èmil foro per avvitare il ferma prosciutto compromettendo la filettature, il supportino fissato sulla base, prima di avvitarlo, sempre con le due pinze pappagallo (quelle da idraulico) o con altri attrezzi, chiuderlo un pelo, appoggiandovi sopra il prosciutto lo terrà più fermo. per il coltello devo dare una scarsa sufficienza, tra l'altro a punta (lo affilerò come faccio con i miei), io ho usato quelli in mio possesso, un tantino più professionali, anzi un paio professionali (da ex banconiere-salumiere, tipo quello per disosso) fornitevi di buoni coltelli, un coltello di buona qualità può fare e dare un buon riscontro e, seguite le indicazioni che accompagnano il prodotto, cioè la mano che tiene la fetta sempre dietro la lama. tutto sommato abbastanza soddisfatto. ringrazio e saluto. ermanno

esteemed I had read reviews on the media and on the knife. my and the next. for the support I scored good, and being able to adapt important assembly. before fixing it, try the bow, possibly with two clamps parrot to the fold right, if you do not use the arhcetto will bend in the middle where c'èmil hole for the screw stops ham compromising the threads, the support fixed to the base, then screw it, always with the two clamps parrot (the plumber's) or other tools, a close coat, leaning over the ham will keep him firmer. I have to give the knife a little enough, among other things, pointed (the affilerò as I do with mine), I used those in my possession, a little more professional, even a professional couple (ex-banconiere butcher type one for boning) fornitevi of good knives, a good quality knife can do and give a good response, and follow the directions that come with the product, that the hand holding the slice always behind the blade. all in all pretty satisfied. Thank you and goodbye. ermanno

January 25, 2013
Review translated by Google - Browse the original text in italian
rob wood
it makes life more easy

the holder is plenty good enough to help in this cutting and sliceing process.the knife once sharp is super.its a free item so dont expect something made with high quality,but as i say it is plenty good enough to help us novices at sliceing.
thanks for great service from this company

August 2, 2012
firenze, italia
supporto e coltello per prosciuttoSupport for ham and knife

il supporto, considerato che è omaggio, è valido. Peccato che mancavano le viti per fissarlo.
Il coltello taglia abbastanza bene.

support, since it is free, is valid. Too bad there were no screws to secure it. The knife cuts well enough.

May 21, 2012
Review translated by Google - Browse the original text in italian
andrea m.
Per essere un regalo è buonoTo be a good gift

Per essere un regalo è buono, si assembla in un attimo e si è dimostrato abbastanza stabile. Anche il coltello che a prima vista sembra un giocattolo fa il suo dovere. Vedremo quanto dura

To be a good gift is assembled in a second and proved to be quite stable. The knife, which at first glance looks like a toy does his duty. We'll see how long

November 21, 2011
Review translated by Google - Browse the original text in italian
meilleur rapport qualité prix!!best value!

ensemble satisfaisant support assez lourd qui permet de couper le jambon sans que ce dernier ne bouge.
en ce qui concerne le couteau avec un leger affilage sur une pierre des ardennes ce dernier obtient un tranchant rasoir!

generally satisfactory support quite heavy which cuts the ham without it moving. with respect to the knife with a slight sharpening on a stone of the Ardennes it gets a sharp razor!

August 11, 2011
Review translated by Google - Browse the original text in french
tutto sommato positivoall in all positive

devo dire che tutto sommato il supporto a parte la non eccelsa qualità del materiale delle viti di fissaggio, è comunque molto funzionale e risolve egregiamente la sua funzione, e sarà sicuramente riutilizzabile anche in futuro.
il coltello ugualmente è funzionale e coerente al suo scopo.
E' chiaro che in commercio esistono coltelli e supporti migliori, ma considerando che sono sempre comunque degli oggetti in omaggio bisogna tenerne conto..........Per quanto mi riguarda sono stati di massima utilità. Voto 7,5.

I must say that after all the media except for the not excellent quality of the material of the screws, it is very functional and very well resolved its function, and will surely be reusable in the future. the knife is still functional and consistent with its purpose. It 'clear that there are knives on the market and better support, but considering that the objects are always free, however this must be adhered .......... As for me were of most use. Rated 7.5.

June 3, 2011
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Mario R.P
Soporte de buena calidadSupport quality

Buena calidad en su construcción y los herrajes se ven que tienen una terminación media alta. El jamón se asienta bien en este soporte. Fácil montaje y con una base ancha que le da estabilidad.
El cuchillo tiene poco filo para mi gusto, pero estéticamente es un cuchillo de calidad.
Mi puntuación es de un 7

Good quality construction and fittings are to have an upper-middle-end. Ham sits well in this medium. Easy installation and a wide base gives stability. The knife has a little edge for my taste, but aesthetically it is a quality knife. My score is 7

January 8, 2011
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Matt H
Matt H
St Albans, UK
Can't complain given that is is free!

This ham holder is easy to put together and is essential for carving a ham. However it does wobble a bit as you carve, but given that the item is free it is a good piece of kit.

January 4, 2011
Carlos Alejaldre
Aix en provence
Indispensable pour manger le jambonEssential to eat the ham

Le couteau c'est trés bon et trés facile d'utiliser parce que c'est trés bien aiguisé et de une taille apropiée pour couper le jambon finement.
Par contre je trouve le support pour le jambon un peu inestable pour le poids du jambon ,quand on est en train de lui couper le support bouge est c'est unconfortable.

The knife is very good and very easy to use because it is very sharp and size apropiée to cut the ham finely. By cons I find support for the ham a bit invaluable for the weight of ham, when one is trying to cut off support moves it is unconfortable.

December 6, 2010
Review translated by Google - Browse the original text in french
una buena forma de trabajoa good way to work

No esta mal, es muy comodo y esta bien presentado, queda muy bien lo que se pone en el sujeto

Not bad, is very comfortable and well presented, is very well what you put in the subject

November 19, 2010
Review translated by Google - Browse the original text in spanish